Ballet Lubbock presents Dream Aloud: An Evening of Voice and Dance.
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Dream Aloud: An Evening of Voice and Dance

Ballet Lubbock is presenting its Spring Program this weekend at the Lubbock Civic Center Theater. We learn more about this collaborative art project with Nicholas Dragga and Yvonne Racz Key.

This spring performance is one of the most inventive things in Lubbock. This year you have Dream Aloud, Nick tell us about the program.

Dream Aloud is live choirs in Ballet Lubbock. We like to collaborate with other organizations, so Scott and Amy Ferris, it was two years ago—it...

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Texasex by John Poch
Betsy Blaney

Texases, a Collection of Poems

Texas Tech English professor John Poch has authored his fifth collection of poems. ‘Texases’ pays homage to and at times critiques the Lone Star State he’s called home for more than 20 years. He writes about the state’s geography and happenings, and its people in all but a few of its distinctive region.

Poch, who teaches mostly poetry but also literature and creative writing, says the title made sense to him.

“I thought well there are many different kinds of Texases...

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It's a rare thing to have three pianists at three pianos in one studio. But given the marriage of keyboard masters Bill Charlap and Renee Rosnes, host Marian McPartland thought it was a perfect opportunity to expand the Piano Jazz format with two of today's most gifted players as her guests.

Hod O'Brien On Piano Jazz

Jan 26, 2009

On the drive from his home in Charlottesville, Va., to the Manhattan studios of Piano Jazz, pianist Hod O'Brien was inspired to compose an original tune in honor of the occasion. By the time he'd arrived, he'd worked out a swinging little ditty in his head, so he kicked off this session with a tune he called "Clarion for Marian."

"His playing was wonderful," recalls host Marian McPartland. "And I really enjoyed playing on Charlie Parker ['Now's The Time'] with Hod. I thought it came off very well."


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