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The Latest in News From Texas Tech Public Media
Joshua Shankles with Lubbock Compact and Natalie Miller with the North and East Lubbock Coalition called for transparency and dialogue with the community.
Samantha Larned
Texas Tech Public Media
The committee chair Thomas Parker defined amortization as "a legal tool available to a municipality in order to terminate the use of a nonconforming land-use.” Parker said it is the role of the committee to determine if the city needs that tool.
Arts & Culture
On tonight's show, we will talk to Pablo Aslan about his newest album Divina. We will listen to tracks from that and his performance during the 2023 Lubbock Arts Festival.
Today's Newscast
Lubbock’s Amortization & Strategic Downzoning Study Committee, or ASDS, held its second meeting on Monday, where committee members kept coming back to the same question: what exactly does amortization mean? Our reporter Samantha Larned has more.
Take a deeper look at the unique style and flavor of West Texas singers, songwriters and musicians in a relaxed “off the stage and on the air” setting—hosted by Lubbock's own Cary C. Banks!