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In the Grow
Fridays at 9:30 A.M.

Ready to embark on a wild botanical adventure with plant enthusiast Rachel Boyd and The Plant Prof himself, Vikram Baliga? For those looking to cultivate their garden, patch of grass, or sunny window without breaking the bank, join us for In the Grow!

Listen to the entire series on your favorite podcast platform, or tune in Fridays at 9:30AM on KTTZ 89.1 FM.

Latest Episodes
  • Join us for the last time as we finish the last few minutes of our interview with Sustainable Food Center & La Cocina Alegre, followed by Vikram and I reminiscing about our time making In the Grow.
  • This week's show features guests from Sustainable Food Center & La Cocina Alegre. We talk about their Double-Up Food Bucks program and the great work they're doing in our community.
  • Watering 101 & Warm-Season Varieties, pick the right ones, y'all!
  • Did you know topsoil isn't the top? I didn't. Learn more on In the Grow.
  • This week we’re getting back to basics. We cover some things that will hopefully get you excited about your spring garden. Tune in and learn more about how to have a successful year of growing.
  • In the Grow is back for another season, and we’re kicking things off with an episode full of answers to listener questions. If you have more questions for us, send them to
  • Ho-ho-ho! Let’s talk about Christmas tree farms. Learn about the differences between fresh-cut, live, and plastic trees, and some alternative, non-traditional decoration ideas that may fit you just right for the holidays.
  • This week features yams versus sweet potatoes. What's the difference and how can you tell?
  • From ancient Egypt to American apple pie, we’re going to talk about where certain pies come from and where the fruits that fill them come from too. Go have some pie!
  • This week we’re saying, “Goodnight, Garden.” — It’s almost winter. The leaves are dropping. Plants are going dormant and you can too. Take a break with us on In the Grow.