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Around Town
Fridays at 9:00AM CST

Around Town is a topics-based program centered around casual conversations, where we will hear from numerous guests that call the Lubbock area home.

Our host, Nick Bergfeld, guides the listeners on a freewheeling journey to discover insights into places, events, topics, and issues West Texans want to know about.

Listen every Friday at 9AM on KTTZ 89.1 FM, stream on Spotify and Apple Podcast, NPR apps, and our website!

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Latest Episodes
  • Lynette Wilson Executive Director at St. Benedict's Chapel.Lynette shares her personal motivations and experiences in leading organizations focused on strengthening families and providing support to individuals marginalized by society. She tells stories from her decades spanning work leading the Family Guidance and Outreach Center of Lubbock since its inception, and why she choose to then lead St. Benedict’s, a non-profit that provides hot meals everyday to anyone that comes through their doors.
  • Chuck Lanehart, author of the book “Tragedy and Triumph on the Texas Plains: Curious Historic Chronicles from Murders to Movies”.Chuck shares his passion for High Plains history providing insights as both a chronicler and lawyer. He discusses several stories of early Lubbock citizens and reveals how he and his wife solved the century old cold-case of Lubbock’s first homicide.
  • Dr. Johnson shares the origins of the internationally renowned Lubbock Lake Landmark and stories from her fifty years as its director. She discusses the attributes needed to be an interdisciplinary thinker, and why she believes offering programs designed for the general public to engage is core to the Landmark’s mission.
  • Ryan discusses his unique journey becoming a sports broadcaster, a goal that formed at a young age. He shares the decision making that went into creating his radio show and the sports platform, The Raiderland.Ryan also discusses the shifting patterns of fan engagement that are influencing the college athletics industry.
  • Our guest is Lori Rice-Spearman, Ph. D., the ninth president of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.Lori shares her personal and professional journey that gained her the reputation of being a strong leader and program developer.She discusses the present and future of TTUHSC, emerging trends shaping healthcare, and what it takes to build and sustain new educational programs.
  • Andrew Mitchell CEO of Toot'n TotumAndrew shares the origins of the Toot’n Totum, a successful 3rd generation family-owned convenience store business in West Texas. He discusses the values that drive the organization and the effort it takes grow an established company into new markets and business lines.
  • Lauren D. Garduño - President/CEO at Ports-to-Plains AllianceLauren discusses his West Texas experiences and how he became a civil engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation. He describes the significant role district engineers for TXDOT have in determining a community’s connectivity and his leadership efforts on the multi-state Ports-to-Plains initiative to bring better infrastructure to the High Plains and beyond.
  • Our guest is Ralph DeWitt of Ralph's Records! Ralph discusses creating a sustained business over the decades in the shifting music industry product landscape. From new to used, vinyl, 8 track, cassette, CDs, and back to vinyl!He talks about how his stores have evolved and thrived by staying opportunistic. Plus you'll learn the origins of the unique logo and color palette of the stores.
  • Our guest is Lubbock City Manager Jarrett Atkinson.Jarret shares his experiences in West Texas and how his love for the region led him to becoming a public servant. He talks about what it’s like to manage a city’s operations and his approach to leading city staff.
  • Melissa shares her experiences in leading community wide initiatives. She discusses what it took to organize farmers for the successful state mandated boll-weevil eradication initiative, having the perseverance to lead the effort for allowing liquor sales in Lubbock despite threats to her life, and fundraising to create the city’s premier performance venue, the Buddy Holly Hall for the Performing Arts and Sciences.