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Around Town
Fridays at 9:00AM CST

Around Town is a topics-based program centered around casual conversations, where we will hear from numerous guests that call the Lubbock area home.

Our host Nick Bergfeld guides the listeners on a freewheeling journey to discovery insights into places, events, topics, and issues West Texans want to know about.

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Latest Episodes
  • Cory Roof is the CEO of Ogallala Greens.Cory discusses growing vegetation with hydroponic systems, where plant roots are suspended in nutrient rich water instead of the soil. This can greatly reduce the amount of water needed to grow crops such as leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries and much more.
  • Jane and Kurt swap stories about their illustrious careers in South Plains television, radio, and theater. Their multi-decades long working relationship and humor shine throughout the interview.
  • Jane Prince Jones and Kurt Kizer, radio and TV personalities and Theatre actors discuss their careers and their love for acting.In the first of a two part show.
  • Matt is CEO in Residence, School of Business at LCUMatt shares his experiences as a fourth generation member and Co-President of the then family owned United Supermarkets. He discusses faith, leadership, and how United Supermarkets was able to stay on the leading edge of innovation to become the dominate regional grocery store chain that it is today.
  • Al Sacco Jr. shares his professional journey to becoming an astronaut, intentionally choosing research that would have relevance to the space program. He discusses his experiences in space, including the fateful decision that had him pulled off the ill-fated space shuttle Columbia, being Dean of the TTU’s College of Engineering, his love of teaching, and the importance of engaging alumni.
  • Coach Tim Siegel discusses the life lessons and experiences that prepared him for responding to a devasting family tragedy. After his son Luke suffered a golf-cart related traumatic brain injury, Tim reprioritized his life to become a care giver and champion of families across the United States who are also recovering from TBI injuries. Through his non-profit, Team Luke Hope for Minds, Tim makes meaning and positive impact from one of the most challenging situations a parent can face.
  • Abner Euresti. Anchor/managing editor at KCBD.TVAbner shares stories of attending Texas Tech University. His memories as a TV reporter and eventually becoming the news anchor for Channel 11.
  • Abner Euresti. Anchor/managing editor at KCBD.TV.In the first of a 2 part series, Abner shares his story of growing up in Lubbock, working as a migrate farm worker to becoming Lubbock’s top tv anchor.
  • Our guest is artist, curator, and poet Danielle Demetria East.She shares her stories as a resident at the “Charles Adams Studio Project” as well as being the owner and operator of the “East Lubbock Art House” featuring art exhibitions and art classes.
  • Our guest is George McMahan - an avid motorcycle enthusiast and residential land developer.He shares his early life growing up in Smithville Tx and moving to Lubbock to go to Texas Tech.George was as the longtime owner of “Honda of Lubbock” and discusses his very successful residential land developments including Papalote South and a large area of the Milwaukee avenue development.George and his wife Linda have made many contributions to Lubbock and Texas Tech.