Mallory Falk

Mallory Falk was WWNO's first Education Reporter. Her four-part series on school closures received an Edward R. Murrow award. Prior to joining WWNO, Mallory worked as Communications Director for the youth leadership non-profit Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools. She fell in love with audio storytelling as a Middlebury College Narrative Journalism Fellow and studied radio production at the Transom Story Workshop.


From KERA:

After Texas was rocked by back-to-back mass shootings, some of the state’s top Republican leaders promised change. Gun safety advocates and Democratic lawmakers hoped gun violence prevention might become a priority. Yet the legislative session that just wrapped moved in the opposite direction.


Mallory Falk / KERA

From KERA News:

President Biden suspended "Remain in Mexico" on Inauguration Day. But what will happen to the thousands of asylum seekers already in the program, waiting in Mexican border cities for their day in U.S. immigration court?


Cesar, his wife Carolina and their son Donovan, 9, from Nicaragua pictured in their room at Pan de Vida Migrant Shelter in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. They came hoping to claim asylum from Nicaragua where Cesar was threatened by paramilitary forces.
Paul Ratje For KERA

This is the first of a five-part series about people seeking asylum in the United States, reported by Mallory Falk with KERA News in Dallas.

A Nicaraguan family tried to seek asylum in the United States. When they arrived at the border, they were instead sent to Mexico to wait out their case and are facing challenges they didn't expect. The Pan de Vida migrant shelter is made up of several small, yellow houses, arranged in a circle around a dusty courtyard.

Gov. Abbott talks COVID-19 testing and back to school in Lubbock

Aug 13, 2020
Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

Governor Greg Abbott met with local officials in Lubbock and El Paso on Thursday. The two trips were to assess the ongoing COVID-19 response and needs in both communities. 

At the start of his West Texas tour, Abbott and 16 Lubbock representatives gathered on the second floor of Citizens Tower. Everyone wore a mask, including the governor. His had the Texas flag on it.


When a Salvadoran woman grabbed her 4-year-old daughter and fled their home country in February, the coronavirus wasn't yet a global pandemic.

By the time they reached the U.S.-Mexico border a month later, that had changed. She crossed the Rio Grande, planning to ask for asylum. But Border Patrol agents took her and her daughter right back to Mexico, despite her pleas.