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Listen In, Lubbock: Is The Sanctuary City For The Unborn Ordinance Enforceable? It's Complicated.

Scene from the November public hearing outside of Citizen Tower.
Sarah Self-Walbrick
Scene from the November public hearing outside of Citizen Tower.

Early voting is currently underway for the proposed "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" ordinance in Lubbock.

The proposed ordinance is an attempt to essentially ban abortions within city limits by allowing for private parties to sue abortion providers and those who aid and abet an abortion.

A number of cities across Texas have adopted this ordinance, but Lubbock would be by far the largest and the only one that actually offers abortions among the bunch, to possibly pass the mandate, which raises a lot of questions.

We'll talk about that and hear about what's going on this Legislative Session in regards to abortion and reproductive rights.


Sarah Self-Walbrick, Senior Reporter, Texas Tech Public Media

Mary Tuma, Freelance journalist focusing on reproductive rights

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