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Between Earth and Sky: Meet the Crew: Dr. David Weindorf

David Weindorf, Ph.D. is the Executive Producer of Between Earth and Sky. He approached Texas Tech Public Media in the spring of 2015 with an idea he was very passionate about. A soil scientist, Dr. Weindorf had been on the Arctic Soil Field Tour in Alaska with Chien-Lu Ping, Ph.D. multiple times and knew how important and valuable the field tour was to not only the science of soil but to our understanding of climate change. David had already crafted a draft of what the film could look like and one thing he was sure of was that Dr. Ping, who has led the field tour for over 20 years, needed to be a central part of the film as he was looking to retire very soon. 

David has been an extraordinary Executive Producer, securing funds, scheduling, obtaining permits and allowing the film crew to focus on capturing the story. He also has a great sense of humor and has laid the ground work to make Between Earth and Sky a very successful project. Dr. David Weindorf currently serves as Associate Dean for Research for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and BL Allen Endowed Chair of Pedology in the Department of Plant and Soil Science. Dr. Weindorf holds a B.S. in Range Management, M.S. in Soil Science (geochemistry minor), and Ph.D. in Agronomy from Texas Tech. Awards for Dr. Weindorf include: TTU Faculty International Scholarship Award (2015), USDA-NRCS National Cooperative Soil Survey’s Eagle Award (2012); LSU Gamma Sigma Delta’s Agricultural Teacher Honor Role (2011); Fulbright Scholar at Universitatea de ?tiin?e Agricole ?i Medicin? Veterinar? in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011); Sedberry Award for Outstanding Graduate Teacher in the LSU College of Agriculture (2010); and LSU Gamma Sigma Delta’s Teaching Award of Merit (2010). 

Dr. Weindorf is 20+ year member the Soil Science Society of America serving as chair elect of the Pedology section (S-5) and a licensed Texas Professional Geoscientist. He was formerly editor of the journal Soil Horizons (2011-2013), and currently serves on the editorial boards of Pedosphere and SOIL. Previously, he served on the editorial board of Louisiana Agriculture. Dr. Weindorf also currently serves on the board of trustees for the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (2013-present) and has served as the past president and board member of the Professional Soil Scientists Association of Texas; as well as past president and board member of the Texas Section of the American Society of Agronomy.

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