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Between Earth and Sky: Palmer, AK

Our Production Assistant, Weston Davis, uttered these words as we pulled into to Palmer, AK. The truth is none of us have seen mountains like this before. Growing up in New Mexico I’ve been around the mountains my whole life, but when you make your way to Colorado into the Rockies you really see how majestic mountains can really be. However, even Colorado pales in comparison to the breathtaking peaks of Alaska. Pioneer Peak in Palmer AK is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. As we hiked up to get a better view wild raspberries dotted the trail that we picked and ate freely. Leading the way was Lorene Lynn a soil scientist who works in tundra rehabilitation in Alaska and she took us to some amazing overlooks to get shots of the surrounding area. After about 8 hours of shooting Lorene took us back to her house where she cooked us one of the most wonderful meals I’ve ever had in my life. The salmon is so fresh it melts in your mouth and the reindeer dogs are rich and tasty. Our Executive Producer, David sang old country songs and the crew had some Alaskan brewed beverages. 

As we watched dailies late into the night the footage was just as beautiful as the graciousness of our hosts. Weston had never been to a mountain, well, he has now. 

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