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Between Earth and Sky: Alaska is a Verb

We've come to decide that Alaska is absolutely a verb, we've been "Alasking" across this beautiful state being mindful of the majesty of the nature and landscape that is in front of us. The people who live in Alaska, or at least everyone we've met, loves and respects the natural world, and takes serious the stewardship of the earth. This is something that has stuck with us as we've made our way north through the LARGEST state. Any time we mention we are from Texas we are reminded that we are second to Alaska in size. At the restaurant tonight, 49th State Brewing Co. in Healy, there was even a cartoon with a giant eskimo looking down at a cowboy with the caption, "hey Tex." They take their dominance seriously. :) 

In the 4 days we've been in production we've interviewed lots of amazing people and have seen so many amazing things. We went to Matanuska Glacier, the largest glacier accessible by car in the United States. We then headed to Talkeetna which is a quaint little town with picturesque log cabins and businesses. After Talkeetna we headed in to Denali National Park and interviewed park geologist Denny Capps. Denny is an amazing guy who loves his job and spoke of the challenges facing Alaska and the national park concerning climate change. 

The beauty of Denali National Park is very hard to describe. It is something that you have to experience first hand at some point in your life. We'll be back in tomorrow to get more footage. One thing we are having a hard time coming to grips with is the 24 hour sunlight. Yes, it is amazing, and sitting down for dinner at 11pm after a long day of shooting in broad daily is impressive but it really throws off the body and the mind. That's probably why we consider Alaska a verb, we'll keep you posted. 

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