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Beyond the Report: The Status of Women in Lubbock

About This Section
In 2017, the YWCA commissioned a report looking at the status of women in Lubbock county. Sadly the results weren’t surprising and it highlighted some pretty big issues in our community. KTTZ teamed up with the YWCA to tell the stories reflected inside and outside of this report.
  • S1E10: Author and Texas Tech University PhD candidate Jessica Smith has lived all over the U.S. and has experienced all forms of sexual harassment. Lubbock is no exception to that. Now, she strives to hold a mirror up to society and highlight the microaggressions that lead to much larger problems.
  • S1E9: Michelle Lewark found herself isolated in an abusive relationship after running away with her boyfriend at 15. Eventually, her life was saved by the bite of a brown recluse spider. What started as a near-death experience, ended with a fresh start at life when she finally found the support she needed to leave her abuser for good.