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Rachel Boyd

Program Producer - KTTZ FM, 89.1
  • Greetings Plant People! In this episode, Vikram and I answer a listener’s question and talk about the current state of our gardens and what else we’re planning to grow. It’s randomness and there’s talk of soggy squirrels, catalytic converters, and Top Gun. We still have some kernels of gardening wisdom in there, so don’t worry. Next time, we’ll be back with more to help you get in the grow! Join us for randomness and squirrels. :)
  • Hello dear listeners, in this episode of In the Grow, we’re talking about okra! It’s an excitingly hearty plant that I hope you enjoy learning about as much as I did. We discuss spacing, watering, and more for growing okra. We encourage you to plant some this year, as it is a hot, very dry season and okra can surely handle it. Take that, tomatoes! Just kidding. As always, happy planting. :)
  • Hello Plant People! We’re bringing you a little mini-episode in which Vikram and I answer two listener questions. Enjoy and feel free to send us any questions or comments to :)
  • Hello Plant People! This week Vikram and I have a longer episode for you, in which we focus on how to grow solanaceous crops. That means we're talking about the nightshade family: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, & peppers. It's a long one, but a fun one, so stick with us through the end when Vikram finds out how very mad sweet pickles make me. Random? Yes, but if you want to hear more of our shenanigans, listen in!
  • Greetings PlantPeople, for this episode, Vikram and I talk about how to get started growing and continue to care for legumes. Join us and learn how easy it is to leguuuuume! Let's go!
  • In this episode of In the Grow, Vikram and Rachel talk about how to nourish your soil prior to planting, how to maintain it, and if needed, how to baby it back to health. Please join us as we dish the dirt on dirt...I mean soil. :)
  • Can you imagine a world filled with beer, bread, and cheese? A world where Santa Claus brings you mind-altering reindeer pee? Well, you're in it! Fungus is among us. Join Vikram and me as we go on a fantastic and random journey through fungi facts and lore.
  • Helloooo Plant People! Join Vikram and me for this episode of In the Grow, in which we discuss ways you can source seeds for your garden for free or for a low cost. We talk about the Lubbock Master Gardener Association and their partnership with Lubbock Public Libraries which resulted in the Sow & Grow Seed Library. You can now get seeds at several library locations: Mahon, Groves, Patterson, and Godeke. Listen in to learn more.
  • Hello Plant People! This week we present to you the second episode of our two-part series on native Texas plants and their First Nations folklore and more. We hope you enjoyed this tangential adventure with us, but we'll be back in two weeks with a show more focused on growing specifically. If you want to share your questions, comments, or stories with Vikram and me, please write to us at! We hope to hear from you. :)
  • Hello Plant People, join Vikram and me as we discuss plants native to Texas and First Nations' legends and practical uses of those plants. We are definitely not experts in this area but thought this would be a great topic to explore. If you have more information about this topic please write to us at