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24 Frames Segment: Celebrating LHUCA's 20th

LHUCA's Facebook

In  Lubbock we are lucky enough that patrons for the arts aren’t very difficult to find. Here at Texas Tech Public Media we not only have foundations that support us but many local donors who support the arts and want to see us shine a light on this amazing community. One of the cornerstones of the art world in Lubbock was Louise Hopkins Underwood who passed away earlier this year.

I loved seeing her at all of our events especially when she dressed up for Downton Abbey. The center she founded, The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, or LHUCA, is celebrating 20 years in Lubbock. LHUCA hosts the first Friday art trail which is a wonderful platform to get a taste of the arts in Lubbock. From the campus of LHUCA and all around downtown you can get a glimpse of music, fine arts, food trucks and more by hopping on a trolley and heading out on the town.

LHUCA is a living testament to the incredible work and dedication of Louis and her belief that Lubbock is a great place to be an artist. I’ve seen it the past six years living in the hub city, and our show 24 Frames was started by me in response to seeing how great the arts community here is.

We’ll be on the first Friday Art Trail tomorrow showing previews of two big programs we look forward to here at Texas Tech Public Media. Our own production of Global Weirding, a digital series hosted by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe educating folks about all of the issues of climate change. We’ll also have a preview of Ken Burns’ New film, The Vietnam War. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to check out some great art and also to stop in the firehouse theater in LHUCA and watch a preview of some of our upcoming programs both digital and broadcast for the fall. As a member of the arts community we strive to shine a light on the great things going on in our city.

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