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Between Earth and Sky: The First Dig

The driving force behind Between Earth and Sky is Chien-Lu Ping's Arctic Soil Field Tour course conducted by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. Here is a description of the class from UAF's website: 

"During this 21-day course, students will learn about Arctic vegetation, soils, landforms, permafrost, geology, wildlife and land-use along the incredible research transect from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, which traverses boreal forest, alpine, and Arctic biomes. Plant species and vegetation will be studied in the context of environmental gradients.  Students will learn methods for vegetation sampling and description, and will undertake an independent research project of their choosing.

Twelve days will be spent camping at locations along the transect. We will also stay three nights at Toolik Field Station, a world-renowned Arctic research station.  Guest instructors will discuss Arctic ecology and landscape features in greater detail at key points along the travel route."

Our production team is along to document the tour which will serve as the backbone to the film. Here is a note from Co-Director, Jonathan Seaborn. 

"We had our 1st lecture yesterday and 1st dig this morning. It's interesting to see so many people this excited about soil. The class in now officially underway. On the dig, Dr. Ping took us to a north facing site and one south facing. We were able to see the difference that the direction the slope was facing had on the soil. We leave around 8 tomorrow for coldfoot." 

The class and production will be completely off the grid for the next 4-5 days. 

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