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Listen in, Lubbock is a reporter's roundtable show, where host, Kaysie Ellingson, sits down with reporters from around the region and the state discuss issues and how they're impacting our city. 

Listen In, Lubbock: The Switch To The ERCOT Grid

May 28, 2021
Dominic Anthony Walsh / Texas Public Radio

This weekend, over 80 thousand Lubbock Power and Light customers will make the transition to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Grid. The transition comes just a few months after a massive winter storm crippled the grid, leaving millions of Texans without power as they grappled with freezing temperatures.

Listen In, Lubbock: Vaccine Hesitancy, The Next Big Hurdle

May 20, 2021
Sarah Self-Walbrick / Texas Tech Public Media

Almost half of Texas residents are vaccinated. It’s estimated that at this rate, the state will reach herd immunity—or 70% vaccinated—by November. Now that mask mandates ease up things are starting to feel close to the "old" normal, but some areas are coming up against a major obstacle: vaccine hesitancy. It’s led cities like Lubbock and Odessa to shift to targeted efforts to get shots in arms.

A closed sign is taped up at the entrance of Van Zandt Regional’s emergency room entrance. The hospital closed abruptly in the summer of 2019. Lindauer and his team have been working to reopen it since the fall of 2020.
Kaysie Ellingson / Texas Tech Public Media

Over the past 15 years Texas has seen more rural hospital closures than any other state in the country—24 to be exact. As the pandemic swept through the state and overloaded hospitals, it exposed the brittle relationship between the urban and rural healthcare systems. It’s a delicate balance and Lubbock plays a vital role as a medical hub in the healthcare desert of West Texas. 


Listen In, Lubbock: Policing In East Lubbock

May 6, 2021

The Lubbock Police Department increased their presence in an East Lubbock neighborhood following an uptick in gun violence earlier this year, and the data shows their tactics are working. While older residents welcome the added police presence, younger members feel it’s bordering on harassment. On this episode of Listen in, Lubbock, we look at the complicated relationship between police and the mostly minority, East Lubbock community—a relationship that has historical roots—and how the Lubbock Police Department is working to gain trust.

Scene from the November public hearing outside of Citizen Tower.
Sarah Self-Walbrick

Early voting is currently underway for the proposed "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" ordinance in Lubbock.

The proposed ordinance is an attempt to essentially ban abortions within city limits by allowing for private parties to sue abortion providers and those who aid and abet an abortion.