Flyers promoting white supremacy found in Lubbock

Oct 3, 2020

Flyers promoting a white supremacist group were found on Lubbock lawns overnight.


The flyers were attached to plastic bags with rocks in them. Swastikas and a symbol that reads “white pride world wide” are on the flyer, along with messaging about defending the “white race.” 


A phone number on the flyer is linked to the Spokane, Washington-based white supremacist organization 14 First the Foundation. The self-defined “pro-white” group distributed flyers in Austin in August. Their material has been found nationwide, distributed in similar ways. The organization told a Norfolk, Virginia TV station that they do not condone or promote violence.


The Lubbock Police Department says giving out these flyers is not a crime. Local, state and federal law enforcement know the material is being distributed in the area.


Google searches for white supremacy surged during Tuesday's presidential debate, according to MarketWatch. At the debate President Donald Trump did not directly denounce white supremacy when asked to by moderator Chris Wallace. After outrage from both Democrats and Republicans, Trump later said he condemns hate groups, NPR reports.


Anyone who received materials or has information or video regarding these materials being dispersed is encouraged to report it to LPD by calling (806) 775-2865.