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Texas Tech Public Media Community Representation Statement

The Communications Act (of 1934, 47 U.S.C. §396, et seq.) requires the “Corporation for Public Broadcasting to support diverse non-commercial educational content for unserved and underserved audiences and to make public media’s content available for free to rural and urban audiences throughout the United States.” As a locally owned and operated public media station, Texas Tech Public Media is uniquely connected to our communities and positioned to reflect and serve the diverse and varying populations there. We believe that public media has the platform and responsibility to foster understanding, expand empathy and build connections among our South Plains, El Paso, and Concho Valley neighbors, and we are committed to offering a safe space for community conversations and bringing people together to foster mutual understanding through shared experiences that inform, educate and inspire.


  • Conduct and publish results of audience survey
  • Create an interdepartmental “audience connection team” to help ensure content reflects the needs of our community and unserved and underserved audiences.
  • Explore the idea of an organizational health survey