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Watch the PBS Online Film Festival from July 11-29


25 films. 3 weeks. The PBS Online Film Festival returns for its 5th year this summer from July 11 through July 29. 

Since its launch in 2012, the PBS Online Film Festival has featured diverse films from PBS member stations, POV and collaborations with public television producers. The PBS Online Film Festival attracted more than one million video streams and more than 100,000 votes over the first three years.

This year, one of the entries "Put Me to Suffering" is a film directed by KTTZ General Manager, Paul Hunton, and produced by KTTZ Education Content Director, Reagan Doyle. 

"Put Me to Suffering" profiles Rev. Ted Dotts' end-of-life decision to forego treatment after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014. A journey through his past details how a man of unwavering faith stands by his principles up until his final moments on earth. How do we live? How do we die? These fundamental human questions are answered through the light of Ted's positive outlook on what comes next.