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24 Frames Launches Crowd Funding Campaign For Live Shows

It is a huge honor to announce that Texas Tech Public Television has launched it's first Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for 24 Frames. 24 Frames is our locally produced arts, culture, and music show that airs Saturdays at 9pm after Austin City Limits. 

Our goal for the crowd funding campaign is to raise $10,000 to hold 24 Frames art and music events LIVE! We want to bring the show to the people that have meant so much to it's creation, production, and longevity. There are some great incentives for giving to the campaign including a CD of music from the show's South Plains Sessions, a 24 Frames poster, and T-shirt. The best part is PBS Digital Studios is matching every dollar contributed to the campaign! So if you give $25 you're really giving $50 to the event! This is a great opportunity to give back in a major way, get swag, and then enjoy the great events that will come your way! Click the link for more detail: 24 Frames Indiegogo