Between Earth and Sky: Meet the Crew: Paul Hunton

Aug 3, 2015

Full disclosure, I'm writing this about myself, and because of that I'll keep it short. I've been working in film and television since I turned 18 and got my start at PBS in Portales New Mexico at KENW-TV. I came to KTTZ-TV in Lubbock in 2011 and love working with the amazing people here and at Texas Tech University and the community of Lubbock. 

For Between Earth and Sky I'm the Producer, Writer, and Co-Director. When Dr. David Weindorf approached Texas Tech Public Media about the project I was excited for the opportunity. Our program 24 Frames has had great success celebrating the arts and music community of the Southwest, but more importantly examining the human spirit. I wanted to bring that same idea to the hard science of arctic soils and climate change. So far I think we've captured that and it's all due to an amazing crew from Executive Producer David Weindorf, Co-Director Jonathan Seaborn, Director of Photography Austin Wideman and Production Assistant-Camera Operator, Weston Davis. 

I'm excited to continue to share with you the adventures of the production and can't wait to get the film out to the world in early 2017. Stay tuned!