Katharine Hayhoe

Renowned climate scientist and TTU professor, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, will be part of the first Presidential Lecture and Performance Series on Oc.t 12, to discuss climate change.

There will something for most everyone in the upcoming 13th season of Texas Tech’s Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. The lineup has music, contemporary dance, some comical Shakespeare and a discussion of possible solutions to climate change.

Katharine Hayhoe will be visiting Austin on February 4th to tape Overheard with Evan Smith and discuss her PBS Digital show titled Global Weirding. Global Weirding is tailored to those who are skeptical about global warming as well as those who genuinely want to learn more about the scientific concept. If you are interested in attending, please click here to RSVP.

Crazy weather, we see it all the time, hail and haboobs; blizzards and heat waves; tornados and tropical storms. So there’s been a lot of extreme weather in the news lately; that doesn’t mean anything’s different, right?

The truth? Watch the newest Global Weirding to find out.

Global Weirding Myth #5: Doesn't climate change only affect the polar bears?

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Global Weirding Myth #4: How do we event know climate change is real? Aren't scientists are always changing their mind about stuff?
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