WTX Jazz Double Shots Part 1 | Music Crossroads of Texas

Jul 26, 2020

Alma Quartet (from left to right: Royce chambers, piano; Jerry Serrano, trumpet/guitar/vocals; Yaurian Horton, drums; John Reid, bass)
Credit Alma Quartet Facebook

Indulge in the first of a two show series, in which Curtis spotlights West Texas Jazz Artists. Kick back or get up and dance, this series is sure to have you swingin' with music by Carla Hem, Alma Quartet, The Wheeler Duo and more.


  1. Just in Time – Carla Helmbrecht
  2. Fly Me to the Moon – Carla Helmbrecht
  3. I Remember – Alma Quartet
  4. Someday, Adelaide – Alma Quartet
  5. Now There’s Two – David Box
  6. Transformation – David Box
  7. Bad Slinky – Teysha
  8. Walking the Wok – Teysha
  9. Steady Wages – The Wheeler Duo
  10. Stretched – The Wheeler Duo
  11. Sip Thy Wine – Al Gomez
  12. Paragon – Al Gomez feat. Billy Townes