The Vernacular Music Center at TTU Hosting Weekend Musical Activities

Oct 10, 2019

The Vernacular Music Center at Texas Tech University is hosting a gala concert tonight with many well known Lubbock musicians involved, and a conference tomorrow. We'll have all the details on today's show.

On today's edition of the Front Row, we are in the office of Dr. Chris Smith, who is the director of the Vernacular Music Center here at the Texas Tech University School of Music.

"The Vernacular Music Center is involved in research and teaching, we run an ensembles program, and also advocacy. When we say advocacy we mean we are advocates of an idea of the teaching of music and the sharing of music as being inclusive rather than exclusive... So the VMC holds two bi-annual conferences, and they alternate. So in the odd years, 2015, 2017, 2019, we host the Arts Practice Research Conference, which is a conference on the idea of makers and scholars of creativity dialoguing with one another and even being embodied in the same people... and that's what happens every odd year... and so that's what's coming up this weekend, is the TTU Arts Practice Research Conference."

"It's actually a free concert, I'm delighted to say. Because we've received very generous support from various entities across the campus so we are able to make it free admission. That's tonight at 7:30PM at Hemmle Hall. I would encourage people to show up early, because with open seating and free tickets, we hope that we'll have a full house."

"Then tomorrow, all day long, in the senate room of the Student Union Building, we have papers and presentations on various aspects of arts practice research, and those are also open to the public."