Texas Country | Music Crossroads of Texas

Sep 6, 2020

Join Curtis Peoples for this edition of Music Crossroads of Texas, in which he explores Texas Country, also known as Red Dirt Country, and how it differs from Nashville country and its roots in the Outlaw Country and Cosmic Cowboy movements of the 1970s.


Josh Abbott Band (2019)
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  1.  Songs about Texas - Pat Green
  2. Waterbill - Red Shahan
  3. I Rode the Wild Horses - Ross Cooper
  4. Giving Up - Caleb Allemand
  5. Love to Live by - Cooder Graw
  6. Whiskey and Pride - Cory Morrow
  7. Love is Dangerous - Dalton Domino
  8. Come Back Down - Flatland Cavalry
  9. When I Drink - Jenni Dale Lord
  10. This Ground - Jordan Robert Kirk
  11. Amnesia - Josh Abbott Band
  12. Another Bullet - Randall King
  13. West Texas Wind - Texwestus
  14. Calling all DemonsI - Wade Bowen with Jack Ingram & Miranda Lambert
    Dalton Domino
    Credit https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/