Songs of Love #2| Music Crossroads of Texas

Dec 20, 2020

Credit Clem Onojeghuo /

This week's Music Crossroads of Texas is for the lovesick and heartbroken alike, as host Curtis Peoples presents the second of two shows focusing on songs of love. 


  1. I Can Love You Better - Dixie Chicks
  2. Unexpected Love - Brock Bushong
  3. He Can't Love You - The Sparkles
  4. Our Love is Here to Stay - Keegan Peck
  5. Dancin' to the Ryhthm of Love - Cary Banks
  6. Love Me So I'll Know - Jimmy Dean
  7. Close Enough for Love - Joni Janak with Carl Fontana
  8. I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love - The Gatlin Brothers
  9. That's How Strong My Love Is - Denny Freeman & the Cobras feat. Jr Meadlow
  10. Swat the Love Bug - Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets
  11. Can't Buy Love - PF John
  12. Love that You're Hiding - The Nelsons
  13. I've Got a New Love - David Box & the Ravens
  14. Love Accept What Is - Killun Jive Live
  15. Love One Another - Lynda Kay
  16. Another Sad Love Song - Al Gomez feat. Kamil Bonner
  17. Faded Love - Bob Wills