The Front Row: A Discussion on Climate Change Solutions

3 hours ago

The Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is starting back up tonight. To kick off the season, they begin with a format they haven’t yet included, a panel discussion. Jo Moore is today’s guest on The Front Row.

What is the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series?

I’m pleased to say that the Presidential Lecture and Performance Series is in its thirteenth season…and it is run out of the president’s office. It is a sponsored program. In essence it is the president’s gift to the community if you will. It’s a marvelous program. It’s eclectic. It has roughly five events a year, two in the fall and three in the spring. We bring in, we open each season with a speaker and we’ll have musical performances, we’ll have dance, we’ll have theater. So, it’s cultural offerings to enhance the cultural landscape of the South Plains.

Tell us about the opening night.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is a world renowned climate scientist. One of the most fascinating things is often times in your own home town, people don’t know who resides here and Katharine Hayhoe, a couple of years ago—for instance—was sandwiched between President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio at the South by South Lawn, talking about climate. She hails from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

She’s the director of the Climate Science Center here at Tech and is also a professor here as well. So, we’re absolutely tickled. We are opening the season with her. It is not going to be a conversation about, Is climate change real, it is going to be a conversation about climate change solutions. Regardless of what side of the issue you happen to be on, the environment effects us all and we thought that it would be interesting to facilitate a conversation talking with people from different facets of business. For instance, clean energy, conventional oil and gas energy, as well as free market policy and advocacy. So it will be a provocative and engaging conversation.

Listen to the full conversation at the top of the article.