Dream Aloud: An Evening of Voice and Dance

Apr 4, 2019

Ballet Lubbock is presenting its Spring Program this weekend at the Lubbock Civic Center Theater. We learn more about this collaborative art project with Nicholas Dragga and Yvonne Racz Key.

This spring performance is one of the most inventive things in Lubbock. This year you have Dream Aloud, Nick tell us about the program.

Dream Aloud is live choirs in Ballet Lubbock. We like to collaborate with other organizations, so Scott and Amy Ferris, it was two years ago—it was very fun to get two local musicians to write us some music. So, Dream Aloud is really concept Yvonne has talked about for years really, and kind of like the idea of chorale or voice and dance.

I like to get a little academic about it and how it’s the two art forms that are literally of the body, but since we’ve done percussion, we’ve done collaborations with the Symphony, instrumentalists, rock music…chorale seemed like an area we wanted to explore. So it’s live choirs and ballet. We have small ensembles, so there are duets, there’s spoken word, there’s large ensembles…It’s just beautiful and energetic.

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