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Seeding & Saving | In the Grow

Hellooo Plant-People, on this episode of In the Grow, Dr. Vikram Baliga and I discuss dedicating certain plants to seed and saving said seeds for future years of gardening! Join us and get in the grow. :)

Lubbock Public Library and Master Gardening Association Seed Library, Sow & Grow Information

The Sow & Grow Seed Library and Exchange is a joint project of Lubbock Public Library and the Lubbock Master Gardener Association located in the Mahon, Groves and Patterson Libraries.

You do not need a library card to access the seed library and exchange. There are a few rules for both donating and taking seeds. Envelopes for seeds you wish to donate are available at the seed library and exchange as well as instructions and information about the Lubbock Master Gardener Association.

Seed libraries are a place to protect, guard, and save local seeds. Saving local seeds acclimated to our area is important. Seed libraries are a place to promote diversity in plants and gardens as well as to preserve history in plant form.

Rachel is a program producer for KTTZ-FM. She co-hosts the gardening show, In the Grow, and is responsible for producing local shows Noche de Tango and Music Crossroads of Texas.