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Front Row: Summer Fun at Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens
Moody Gardens

Texas is home to Moody Gardens, a fun, educational experience for the whole family. Jerri Hamacheck and Kevin Aguilar from Moody Gardens visit with the Front Row to share more about this exciting destination.

Jerri, tell us a little bit about Moody Gardens for someone who may not know what that is.

We’re located down on Galveston island. So, geographically if you go on I-45 and you just keep driving south, you’re going to dead-end right at the gulf of Mexico and that’s where Moody Gardens is. You’ll see three pyramid shaped buildings and that is our property. In a nutshell, to describe it, we’ve grown into a full-blown resort through time here. We have a variety of different attractions that are there. We’re kind of a fun educational experience, so a great place to get away for a vacation and you can feel great about the attractions that we offer. You’ll see a lot of animals and plants and educational experiences in our 3D and 4D theaters.

Throughout the entire property it’s a very immersive type of experience and it’s one where the kids will learn something they might not realize they are, and that’s kind of the beauty of it. That’s part of our mission. Education and conservation are a big part of our mission and recreation as well. So, we want to make sure you’re having fun while you’re doing it.

Kevin, unpack some of the attractions that you have that you would really like to see people come and enjoy.

Summer is in full swing, so that means our palm beach is open. It’s the only place on Galveston island you’re going to find white sandy beaches. We actually had the white sand brought in from the actual Palm Beach on a barge. So, really beautiful out there. You can rent a cabana, bring your family out. We have a wave pool, the lazy river, tower water slides, a splash pad for the little kids.

We also have our ropes course zip line, you can zip line across Palm Beach. It’s really fun. And then for summer we are bringing Dinos back to Moody Gardens. So we have our Dinos Alive exhibit. You can get up close and personal with 15 animatronic dinosaurs. They move around. They roar. Guests can come in and go through our Jurassic jungle and the kids can get hands on and do an archeological dig.

Listen to the full interview at the top of the article.

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