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Lubbock road bond passes with two-thirds of votes

Campaign signs near Lubbock's Citizens Tower on Oct. 22, 2022.
Sarah Self-Walbrick
Texas Tech Public Media
Campaign signs near Lubbock's Citizens Tower on Oct. 22, 2022.

Lubbock voters passed a road bond Tuesday, after rejecting a different package in last year’s election.

The $200 million bond package is expected to improve large signature streets, several unpaved streets and neighborhood roads. More than two-thirds of voters approved the package, according to voting results from the Lubbock County Elections Office.

Mayor Tray Payne was confident the road bond would pass before initial results came in Tuesday night.

“We’re gonna pass this, and when this passes, then next Wednesday we will canvas the vote and once the vote is canvased we will begin plans at that point for starting the process,” Payne said. “We’re very hopeful once we get the canvas done that we’re gonna start planning and processing immediately on our first projects.”

A $175 million road bond did not pass last year, with many citizens citing $42 million earmarked for brick-road Broadway as the reason why. The updated road bond did not include Broadway, ultimately leading to its win.

Payne said improvements on major roads will benefit Lubbock’s economy and increase the flow of customers to local businesses. He takes great pride in his city and appreciates all who have voted.

“It just goes to show that there’s no better place to live than Lubbock, Texas,” Payne said.

Now that the road bond has been passed, the city will begin work immediately.