24 Frames Segment: Lubbock Book Festival

Oct 19, 2017

The inaugural Lubbock Book Festival is almost upon us. In a time when the humanities are pushed more and more to the side of what we hold important in our society and school systems, it feels more important than ever that we get together and celebrate English, poetry  and literature. When we talk about how divided we are, and how communication doesn’t seem to work anymore, maybe investing more time and effort into literacy and writing is a good first step.

If you feel the same way come out to the book festival October 28th at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the arts. The festival starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes all day. It features some great local and national authors. I grew up reading Hank the Cow Dog books. John R. Erickson, no stranger to Lubbock, will be here.

Local KCBD news anchor, Karin Mckay, will be here to share readings from her new children’s book. Lubbock author, SJ Dahlstrom, whose stellar award-winning series, Wilder Goode, will be there too. From San Antonio Xavier Garza is bringing his Lucha Libre Club and The Donkey Lady Fights La Llorona and other stories. And finally, Texas Tech University professor, Michelle Pantoya, will present a hands-on activity drawn from her recent book, Designing Dandelions: An Engineering Everything Adventure.

These are just some of the great names involved in this year’s festival. Tune in next week, Paul Hunton will have more on what you can expect, and some of the other special events going on at this year’s Lubbock Book Festival. For more information go to LubbockBookFestival.org.