Vanessa Morelion stands in the middle of the South Plains Food Bank warehouse.
Kaysie Ellingson

Before COVID-19, a little more than 22 percent of children in Texas were food insecure. Nationally it’s 17 percent.

With the spike in unemployment and the closing of schools due to the pandemic, that number is going up. Vanessa Morelion with the South Plains Food Bank is on the ground every day seeing these numbers climb. “Last month we served a little over six thousand people,” she says.

Broadway shows coming soon to Buddy Holly Hall

May 19, 2020
Provided by The American Theatre Guild

The inaugural series of Broadway at Buddy Holly Hall was announced Tuesday, a slate of seven shows beginning this November and going through July 2021.  


Fitness back in business as Lubbock gyms reopen

May 19, 2020
Capstone Crossfit spent their time doubling the sanitation spaces and prepping equipment for opening day.
Kaysie Ellingson

It is the opening night of Capstone Crossfit following a nearly two month-long shutdown. A duration no one could have anticipated. Head trainer Jared Francis is getting ready for his 4:30 class to begin. People slowly filter in—most of them seasoned Crossfitters. One is signing up for his first day. Francis has been there all day and says the first day started off slow.

TTU Senior spotlight: Kalli Gardenhire

May 14, 2020

While the future is a bit murky for many people right now, it’s kind of an exciting time for some like Texas Tech senior Kalli Gardenhire.

“This time has made me anxious, but in a way that I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next,” she said. It’s a fresh start for Gardenhire uniquely shaped by the current climate. She’s excited to see where this will take her.

TTU Senior Spotlight: Sophia Aymond

May 14, 2020

Sophia Aymond had her sights set on moving to Los Angeles right after graduation. “I really thought in May I was going to be out of here,” she said. This weekend, she’ll graduate with her bachelor’s degree in media and communication.

The Texas Tech senior had been busy in the weeks leading up to spring break scheduling meetings with potential employers in the west coast city. She planned to spend her break there. She had three meetings firmed up, with some pretty major companies like Viacom and CBS, but then came COVID-19.