Millions of Texans have been able to get vaccinated for COVID-19 since distribution began late last year, but there are still questions waiting to be answered when it comes to minors looking for their shot. 



Texas winter storm may lead to COVID-19 surge

Feb 24, 2021
Bri Kirkham/Texas Public Radio

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Texans did a lot of things to stay safe and warm last week that weren’t necessarily pandemic-safe and could contribute to another surge in cases.

Despite weather, COVID vaccinations continue in Lubbock

Feb 17, 2021
Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

Even with icy roads and temperatures in the teens, Lubbock’s Health Department managed to give over 1,700 COVID-19 vaccine shots on Tuesday. 



That’s about 575 doses fewer than last Tuesday when weather conditions were dry and temperatures were in the 40s. 

Some people have canceled appointments, but Mayor Dan Pope said the week's frigid weather has not really affected Lubbock's vaccination hub. 


“We plan on being open to continue to put that life-saving vaccine in the arms of our citizens,” Pope said at a news conference Tuesday.


Kaysie Ellingson/Texas Tech Public Media

Just last week, Lubbock had no hospital beds available due to a high rate of COVID-19 patients. Now its trauma service region is the latest to lift high hospitalization restrictions.



Less than 15% of all hospital patients in Lubbock’s 22-county trauma service region have been sick with COVID-19 for the past week. This means the region can get out from under some restrictions outlined in an order from Gov. Greg Abbott that was intended to slow the spread of the virus in hard-hit areas. 

Baby moms keep going through the challenges of pandemic life

Jan 27, 2021
Photo provided by Ash Blythe Photography

Victoria Stephens feeds her three-month-old baby, Nathan. He sat on his mom’s lap and stared at the phone screen with his big brown eyes. He was content - at least for a few minutes. 

“He’s an attention-hogger,” Stephens said. “We’re learning how to be independent so mom can get schoolwork done."

Stephens is a college student and a first-time mom. She found out she was pregnant early last year, around the same time the coronavirus was first confirmed in Lubbock in March.