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Faith Matters, a ground breaking local program, hosted by Tom McGovern. Faith Matters promises to spark thought and conversation through dynamic dialogue about Faith.

Faith Matters dives into everyday issues. This isn’t church on the radio; this is your friends and neighbors sharing stories of faith and perseverance.  Tom McGovern's distinguished career includes the Professor of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality.

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Derek Fetzer and Tom McGovern
Betsy Blaney

Johnson & Johnson's CaringCrowd is dedicated to creating a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for public health projects around the world. Topics include infectious diseases, accidents and injury, women and children, and more. Director, Derek Fetzer, joins Tom McGovern on this episode of Faith Matters to share their work.

This week on Faith Matters Tom McGovern talks with Michelle Ensminger, Senior Director of the Office of Global Health at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. She reminisces on moving from Eastern New Mexico to Lubbock. Although she grew up in this West Texas town, she feels a special connection to her New Mexico roots. 

Anita Reyna
Kaysie Ellingson

Anita Reyna grew up in California and moved to Lubbock, TX to attend Lubbock Christian College. Her interest in social work started at young age with a passion for listening to people. She recalls her fascination of listening to her parents talk with people from around the country, when she became, what she deems, a student of conversation.

ITT: Inmates Find Self-Expression Through Art

Local physician, Dr. Patti Patterson's passion for medicine started from an early age. It originated from a drive to help animals, with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. It wasn't until she entered college, where the student population. She quickly realized the competitive edge she possessed while attending Lubbock Christina University. Dr. Patterson joins Tom McGovern on this episode on Faith Matters to discuss her career in medicine and her lifetime of caring for her community. 

Kaysie Ellingson

This week on Faith Matters, we bid farewell to original host and long-time Lubbock resident, Ryon Price. Hear his thoughts on the time he spent here as a pastor and his plans for the future. 

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