Noche de Tango Playlist of the Week

Jul 22, 2017


Tanda #1: Recuerdo, La Clavada, Ojos Negros, and Boedo.

This first Tanda includes the orchestra of Horacio Salgan, known for his long and successful career as an orchestra director and pianist. In June of 2016 Salgan celebrated his 100th birthday by playing live to a sold out crowd in Buenos Aires. Just weeks after that momentous performance, Salgan passed away.  In 2005, he received one of the most prestigious awards in Argentina, the Diamond Konex Award, as the most important personality in the popular music of his country in the last decade. 


Tanda #2: Brazo de Oro, Celeste Lluvia, Chique, and A La Gran Muneca

The second Tanda is from famous pianist, Jose Basso, who began his career as a pianist for some of the best known orchestras in tango, including Anibal Troilo and Julio De Caro. Basso’s premiere of his own orchestra was an immediate success and sold out for several days after the first showing.  


Tanda #3: Alla en el Cielo, Caballo de Calesita, A Martin Fierro, and Alma Mia        

The collaboration of famed composer, Miguel Calo--along with his orchestra--and singer Carlo Dante, occurred in 1927.  Dante was a brilliant interpreter, singer and poet of tango. In these recordings you will hear Dante with his second premier with Calo’s orchestra.  


Tanda #4: El Amanacer, El Incendio, El Estagiario, and El Cabure
This fourth Tanda includes the works of Ricardo Pedevilla,  who was born in the neighborhood of Almagro in Buenos Aires.  Prior to forming his own group he was a bandoneonista with the orchestra of Carlos Di Sarli.  After the group's formation in 1950 he began making his own recording, which closely resembled that of his former director Carlos Di Sarli.  

Tanda #5: El Bardo, Mariana, Corazon de Artista, and Bailarina
The last Tanda of this week's Tango playlist is from Ricardo Malerba and singer, Roberto Soler. Malerba's career with the orchestra was shortlived. It included a recording history that only lasted from 1951-1955 and later other recordings with Soler from 1956-1957.

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