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Inside Texas Tech: Hats and Purses and Shoes...Oh My

from the exhibit: hats and purses and shoes...oh my!

Originally designed for utilitarian purposes, this exhibition of more than 115 accessories, selected from over 2000 examples in the Clothing and Textiles Collection of the Museum of Texas Tech University, demonstrates their evolution into beautiful objects. Intended as protection for the head and feet as well as a way to carry things, hats, shoes and purses have changed with fashion. While maintaining their function they became beautiful objects. It is these fine examples, which are on exhibit through January 15, 2017.

Please click the audio link above to hear the entire interview with Dr. Marian Ann Montgomery, Curator of Clothing and Textiles at the Museum of Texas Tech University. Its the next best thing to touring the exhibit with the curator. This exhibit is not to be missed, its fabulous! From bonnets to Feragammo, you will certainly see something that your catches your eye! Not to mention the amazing purses. Personally, I'm convinced women have too put pressure on them to be able to carry the dainty bags of back in the day! Please click, listen to Dr. Montgomery, and go see the exhibit. You won't be disappointed. Visit for a complete list of exhibitions. Please forgive your hosts laugh.

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