24 Frames Poetry Series: Jacob Shores-Arguello

Aug 3, 2017

Make Believe

By Jacob Shores-Arguello 

(Narrated by John Poch)


When we were children, we dug into the side of our moutain

It was terrible brown work.

That morning we’d made the cold walk to the hospital 

And watched my cousin’s mother for a long time.

She was unchained from her machines

Shrinking into ordinary.

It was our first death

And we looked at our small hands.

But no, my cousin insisted,

These are not our hands.

These are bare hands

And we walked to our mountain

Shaped our cave

One meter.

Two meters.


We bears were making a home.

We roared.

Shook off our human bones until angels howled like dogs

In the valley below.