Classic Country #2 | Music Crossroads of Texas

May 1, 2021

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, Curtis Peoples presents the second of two shows featuring West Texas classic country music. It's a full hour of classic country songs for you from Hoyle Nix and the West Texas Cowboys, Redd and Betty Stewart, Jimmie Peters,and many more.


  1. Six Mile Climb - Bud Landon & the Rhythm Masters
  2. See Double and Feel Single - Edd Glenn
  3. Journey into Yesterday - Betty Jo Bangs
  4. You Can't Buy Love for Just a Day - Elton Williams
  5. Ida Red - Hoyle Nix & the West Texas Cowboys
  6. I Like Honky Tonk Songs - Jimmie Peters
  7. Feeling - Patsy Blane
  8. Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Big Country Eddie Burns
  9. Picking & A-Singin' - Topper Rawlings
  10. Waltzing with Sin - Billy Thompson & the Melody Cowboys
  11. Don't Let My Friends See What You Do - Edna Lee
  12. I Came Home to Face the Music - Burt Parker
  13. I'm the Only Man in Town Who Started at the Bottom and Went Down - Chuck Hall
  14. I'd Love You - Scotty Graham
  15. Looking Again Fortune Teller - Ed Proctor
  16. Shell of a Man - Vernon Jacobs
  17. In this House - Tommy Kizziah
  18. Rosy Thompson was my First Wife's Name - Jim McCrary
  19. Loves Gonna Live Here - Red & Betty Stewart
  20. Forty Model Ford V8 - Fred Crawford