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Influence of Julio De Caro | Noche de Tango

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Throughout this season of Noche de Tango, we have been bringing you new releases of modern tango ensembles and musicians from around the world. However, this week we will turn back the clock and dive into the origins of tango, and this week we will focus on orchestras that can trace their tango lineage back to Julio De Caro. My name is Charles Olivier, your host, and let's dive in.

Tanda 1 - Julio De Caro

  • Yira Yira
  • Chique
  • Que Noche
  • Gotas de Acibar

Tanda 2 - Anibal Troilo

  • Toda Mi Vida
  • En Esta Tarde Gris
  • Tabernero
  • Danzarin

Tanda 3 - Osvaldo Pugliese

  • La yumba
  • Recuerdo
  • La Mariposa
  • Gallo Ciego

Tanda 4 - Astor Piazzolla

  • Quejas Mi Bandoneon
  • El Recodo
  • El Choclo
  • La Cumparsita
  • Decarisimo
Charles Olivier is currently director of the Texas Tech University Tango Orchestra and the co-director of the Lubbock ISD All-District Tango Orchestra, whose purpose is to educate high school students about tango music, culture, and performance. Charles’ extensive work with the group was recognized by Texas Tech University with the President’s Excellence in Diversity and Equity Award. As a performer, he is a founding member of Tango Llaneros. Charles has attended the Reed College Tango Institute, Cuarteto Tanguero Summer Workshop, and has been a key speaker about tango for the Osher Life Long Learning Institute. Charles attended Texas Tech University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, a Certificate of World Music in Tango Performance, and recently a Master's in Ethnomusicology.