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My Hometown | Music Crossroads of Texas

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, I have a full hour of music from my hometown, Plainview, Texas. You will hear music from, Jimmy Dean, Billy Beasley, Jerry Serrano, and more. I hope you will join me, Curtis Peoples, for the Music Crossroads of Texas.


  1. Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean
  2. Night Train to Memphis - Jimmy Dean
  3. Wheels - The String-A-Longs
  4. Save the Last Dance for Me - The String-A-Longs
  5. A Long Time Ago - Harry Bray & the Wheels
  6. In the Backroad of my Mind - Harry Bray & the Wheels
  7. Small Town Things - Billy Beasley
  8. Slippin Out Slippin In - Billy Beasley
  9. Rights - The Tone
  10. Bag Girl - The Tone
  11. Stargirl - Aaron Chavez
  12. Beauty Queen - Aaron Chavez
  13. Dig Your Grave - Jerry Serrano
  14. Years - Jerry Serrano
  15. Abdicate - Astringency
Curtis Peoples, Ph.D., is the Archivist for the Southwest Music Archive and oversees the Crossroads Recording Studio for the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University. He is a musician who has worked in the music business for four decades, numerous recording studios, and has been a production manager for many events. Dr. Peoples teaches regional music history classes and American media studies; his research centers on music and place.