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Call of the Wild | Music Crossroads of Texas

This week on the Music Crossroads of Texas, the show’s theme is the call of the wild. You will hear music from The Gliders, Ross Cooper, Tyler T, Phantom Wilds, and many more wild songs. I hope you join me, Curtis Peoples, for the Music Crossroads of Texas.


  1. Wild Jam - The Gliders
  2. Wild Kitten - Rhythm Masters
  3. Come Easy Go - Deuces Wild
  4. The Wild One - Ray Corbin
  5. Wild Child - Ivan Real
  6. Too Wild to be Country - Lubbock Johnson
  7. Back in My Wild Days - Gene Henslee
  8. Wildflower Moon - Aland Munde & Joe Carr
  9. Wild Wood Flower Bach Joy - Snuff Garret
  10. I Rode the Wild Horses - Ross Cooper
  11. Wild West Texas Wind - Carolyn Martin
  12. Wild Roses - Kimmie Rhodes
  13. My Wildest Dreams Grow Wilder Every Day - The Flatlanders
  14. Wild Flower - Tyler T
  15. Wildfire - Phantom Wilds
  16. Wild Elegance - De Milos Arms
  17. Call of the Wild - Impeccable
Curtis Peoples, Ph.D., is the Archivist for the Southwest Music Archive and oversees the Crossroads Recording Studio for the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University. He is a musician who has worked in the music business for four decades, numerous recording studios, and has been a production manager for many events. Dr. Peoples teaches regional music history classes and American media studies; his research centers on music and place.