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An Arizona real estate investment company has developed a master plan for 288 acres southeast of Lubbock’s airport that in time could be home to as many as 5,000 residents. Regis Park would have single- and multi-family housing, a K-12 equestrian charter school, retail space and an auditorium. Some of the land was rezoned from industrial to commercial last year.

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanac took to the road earlier this year to meet with potential Red Raiders. He says he believes students from rural communities possess distinctive characteristics and which can be assets that benefit the university’s overall feel.

That was part of the message he delivered on a recent tour of about a dozen rural high schools. Twelve percent of this year’s freshman class come from within 100 miles of Lubbock. Last year, it was 15 percent. Overall, 25 percent come from within 100 miles.

Original music, podcasts, photography, academic papers, and more all could be part of the first of a two-year project focused on various identities and conflicts. In addition to presentations and discussion, a digital archive from students’ submissions will be created as part of the symposium, ‘Identity and Resistance in Global Contexts' April 20 and 21st.

Two exhibitions now at the Museum of Texas Tech highlight the beauty of the natural world, as well as some ugly reminders about wildlife’s possible future. The two exhibitions complement one another. But they also remind us that humans need to practice stewardship to help preserve wildlife worldwide and fragile grasslands in North America and Africa.

The Sowoon Arts and Heritage is ready to again provide Lubbock a taste of American and Korean arts and culture. The theme of the Sixth Annual International Arts and Culture Symposium on April 14 is “East and West, Music and Dance.”

Sowoon’s founder and president Kyungah Nam says the group’s mission is to create opportunities for all people, especially those in the Lubbock community, to experience diverse arts and cultural heritage. It brings scholars together to deepen the understanding of arts and culture.