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Doug Hamman
Texas Tech University Website

When administrators in Texas Tech’s College of Education heard from officials in K-12 school districts that the university’s graduates were smart but not ready for the classroom, they knew something had to change.

“If you have a district telling you, your new teachers aren’t doing well and they’re not well-prepared, you’ve got student achievement data that is lower than demographically similar groups across the state, it’s an indication that you need to do something better,” Doug Hamman, chairman of the Department of Teacher Preparation in the College of Education, says.

3D recreation of the neutron stars colliding.

A Texas Tech physicist found out this summer just how patient she is. After gravitational waves were for the first time observed from the collision of two neutron stars, she kept collecting data waiting for a discovery she was seeking. The end result for scientists around the world was getting to see and hear two dead stars collide in a distant galaxy.      

The messages kids get from their media consumption need an interpreter. And, no surprise, that translator ought to be a parent, who isn’t always well-versed in how to navigate the landscape. But research shows that just sitting at kids’ sides while they watch media can help youths increase their understanding and heighten their learning readiness.

“If we want to create a generation of media-literate kids, we have to first create a generation of media-literate adults,” Eric Rasmussen says.

Courtesy of Texas Tech University

Eleven years ago, Texas Tech’s public art was named one of the top 10 collections at US colleges and universities by Public Art Review. And as more buildings are added to the 1,839-acre campus in coming years, so too will the number of art pieces. That’s thanks to a 1998 Board of Regents initiative.

The Texas Tech campus has 202 pieces in its Public Art Collection; 89 of those were funded through an initiative started in 1998 by the Board of Regents.

His grandfather was the last emperor and king of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his father was the last Crown Prince of the Austrian Empire and one of the founders of the European Union. But His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Georg von Habsburg doesn’t rest on his family’s history. He currently serves as ambassador-at-large in the office of the President of Hungary, and has expertise in European politics and business.