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Kaysie Ellingson


Director Robert Morehead gazes up as the shutter of the Gott Observatory’s cranks open slowly. We’re here to talk about Monday’s solar eclipse, a happening that affords scientists a rare glimpse at the hottest part of the sun. The eclipse in Lubbock will start at 11:30 a.m. and the maximum coverage – about 72 percent –will occur at about 12:57 p.m. The moon will have entirely moved off the sun at just past 2:26 p.m.

Kaysie Ellingson

Some studies have shown that repeated moves in childhood adversely affect one’s well-being as an adult. Those researchers haven’t met Angel Carroll.

In a four-year span as a teenager, the 22-year-old Texas Tech student lived in 20 different places across the state, the result of going into foster care when she was 15. Now, she’s a confident and articulate young woman who plans to make her mark in social work.

Kaysie Ellingson

Dr. Afzal Siddiqui has toiled for more than two decades searching for a way to eliminate a devastating parasitic disease. Schistosomiasis has infected an estimated 200 million people in 78 countries. It’s found in many sub-Sarahan Africa countries and in Brazil and China. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently gave the internal medicine researcher a second grant, allowing him to continue his work on a vaccine for the disease. This grant, awarded last month, is for about $2.4 million dollars.

Inside Texas Tech: New Sports Performance Center

Aug 3, 2017
Kaysie Ellingson

There’s a constant hum and whir as I approach the construction site of the new Sports Performance Center near Jones AT&T Stadium. Machines are buzzing and workers in hardhats are moving around like ants circling their mound. They’re working 24-7 these days so the indoor football space is useable in time for fall practices.

The structure looks big from the outside, but stepping inside, hardhat in place, I am wowed by enormity of the space. I’ve never been inside a 747 hangar, but it sure looks like one of those jumbo jets could fit inside.

Canine Olfaction, The Heart of Dr. Hall's Research

Apr 5, 2017

What does the dog's nose know? What do we know about scent detection dogs? Although millions of pet dogs live in our homes, we have very little understanding of perhaps one of the most important components of their world, smell.

Unfortunately, the science of canine olfactory perception and scent detection dogs is not yet very clear. Despite detection dog training being shaped over hundreds of years, the scientific endeavor to understand the capabilities and capacity of the dog's nose and sense of smell is still nascent. The primary goal of Dr. Hall's Lab is to do just that.