Betsy Blaney

Producer, KTTZ-FM

Betsy Blaney is a radio producer at Texas Tech Public Media, following a 25-year career in print journalism. Most recently, she was the West Texas solo correspondent for The Associated Press, based in Lubbock for more than 16 years and covering 65 counties in the region.

She interviewed, researched and wrote on myriad topics, including agriculture and water/drought issues, and newsworthy happenings at Texas Tech University. She was also responsible for coverage of the university's football and basketball programs.

Before being transferred to Lubbock, Betsy worked briefly in the AP's office in Dallas. Prior to that, she was a police and courts reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. She started her journalism career in 1991 at The Lewisville News, just north of Dallas, following a 20-year career as a teaching and playing tennis professional. She was a line judge in 1973 in the Houston Astrodome where Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in "The Battle of the Sexes."

Melanie Tatum, unit assistant director for sustainability and warehouse operations
Betsy Blaney

Melanie Tatum never dreamed recycling on the Texas Tech campus would pay off so big for students. Proceeds from the university’s recycling efforts since 2013 have led to scholarships totaling $130 thousand dollars since 2013. In the last fiscal year the sustainability program recycled almost 600 tons of materials dropped off at the University Student Housing Recycling Center.

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Texas Tech officials learned a lot about their emergency alert system following the shooting of a university police officer in October and a bomb threat the next month. Tech emergency management coordinator and university’s general counsel Ronald Phillips says reviews after each incident provided insights that will help make the system better.

“These incidents have taught us things about how we respond, how we handle things, how we communicate, and hopefully we have learned from each incident and we get more effective and more efficient,” he says.

President Lawrence Schovanec
Texas Tech University Website

“A lot of people who give, will tell a story of how somebody else’s support made their education possible, and I just admire their generosity.”

Texas Tech president Lawrence Schovanec recently detailed the fundraising initiative currently underway at the university. Inside Texas Tech sat down with Schovanec to talk about philanthropy. He says this year’s fundraising goal is to bring in more than $100 million dollars, about $10 million dollars more than last year. He also says he will travel more to speak with alumni and corporations.

Melody Zuniga
Betsy Blaney

Melody Zuniga joined her daughter for a program that identified sixth-grade girls who would be the first generation in their families to go to college. She wanted her youngest child to have opportunities she didn’t. Now, she’s an inspiration to her daughter. The 40-year-old mother is set to graduate in August.

“I don’t want to say it’s everything, because it’s not,” she says. “I’ve become a little bit more humbled. It’s more like a great accomplishment.”

Left to right: Team members Maddy Ainsley, April Molitor, Ben Mills, and one of the team's coaches, Nick Hardcastle.
Betsy Blaney

Members of the highly successful Texas Tech meat judging team credit work ethic and good chemistry with recently bringing home the group’s 13th national championship. Not too surprisingly, some on the outside aren’t sure exactly what the team does.

“I’ve gotten everything from, “wait do you just eat steaks all day.” No I wish I did,” Ben Mills, one of the judges, says.