winter storm

Montinique Monroe for The Texas Tribune

Texas winter storm may lead to COVID-19 surge

Feb 24, 2021
Bri Kirkham/Texas Public Radio

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Texans did a lot of things to stay safe and warm last week that weren’t necessarily pandemic-safe and could contribute to another surge in cases.

Panhandle ranchers, cattle endure in sustained freeze

Feb 19, 2021

Cows are hearty animals that can withstand freezing temperatures. But when those temperatures last for a week? That can be a problem.

Temperatures were below freezing, and at some points below zero, for the past week in the Panhandle and much of Texas. Snow and ice accumulations have further deteriorated conditions.

Kristen Brown and her family ranch near the town of Channing, where it’s spring calf birthing season. The weather hasn’t stopped that. 

Cat Haggard-Gowdy is working to keep animals sheltered during the cold spell that's hit Lubbock and the rest of Texas.
Cat Haggard-Gowdy


Letrice “Cat” Haggard-Gowdy and her husband have been dropping off blankets with stray animals in Lubbock for years. As temperatures started dipping lower and lower this weekend, she knew she had to do more. 

“With the weather getting really bad, I knew these dogs were going to die if we didn’t do something,” said Haggard-Gowdy. “They’re just not going to make it.”

Lubbock winter storm brings lowest temps in decades

Feb 15, 2021

UPDATE 12:10 p.m. on Feb. 16 

Lubbock will continue to see freezing conditions and precipitation for the next few days. 

A 36-county region that includes Lubbock is under a winter weather advisory through the evening. An additional inch of snow could accumulate. Lubbock is not expected to get above freezing temperatures until later this week. 

While the city has not seen the widespread power outage much of the rest of Texas is experiencing, area residents should anticipate possible rolling blackouts as electricity demand remains high.