KTTZ and PBS want to show you the best parks that the state of Texas has to offer! Narrated by former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, The National Parks of Texas: In Contact with Beauty, will allow you to take a trip around the state and across time to experience the past, present and future of Texas.

24 Frames Explores CrossFit

Jan 26, 2016

24 Frames traveled to Midland, TX to get a peak into the world of CrossFit: the fitness craze that combines cardio, weight training, endurance training, and community all in one session. 

This is the time of year when "Top Ten" lists come pouring out of the wood work. From the top ten albums, to the top ten actors, films, fashion and on and on--we love to aggregate our year into lists. I’m no different, but instead of giving you a top ten list, I’m just going tell you about a group of nonfiction films that I saw this year and really enjoyed. 

Many Texas Tech students complete an internship before graduation, to gain valuable experience in their chosen field. For students aspiring to work in politics or government, there is one special opportunity for Red Raiders.

Each semester, including summer sessions, up to 19 lucky students are chosen for the Government and Public Service Internship program. These student go to Washington, D.C. for the term and work directly with congress and senate members.

Inside Texas Tech: TTU Expert on 14-Year Perry Legacy

Jan 23, 2015
Ed Schipul / Creative Commons

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry served 5,144 days in office, adding up to a 14-year-and-one-month tenure, and resulting in the number 10 spot on the list of longest-serving American governors by the time he exited office and passed the torch to newly inaugurated Governor Greg Abbott. 

When he was sworn in on Dec. 21, 2000, Perry embarked on a political career that included as much criticism as it did praise in a red state led by a Democrat-turned-Republican assuming leadership from former governor and president George W. Bush.