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Steve Maxner is the Director of the Texas Tech University Vietnam Center and Archive.
Kaysie Ellingson

Steve Maxner, Director of Texas Tech University Vietnam Center and Archive, talks about his time serving in the military and his work collecting and preserving artifacts of war for future generations to learn from.

Go inside the University Vietnam Center and Archive on Inside Texas Tech. Listen here.

Kaysie Ellingson

Philip Mann sits down with Clint Barrick on the Front Row this week to discuss his move to Texas Tech and the upcoming season for the University’s orchestra.

Tell us about who you are and your journey to Texas Tech.

President Lawrence Schovanec
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Imperfect as the information in them might be, rankings of universities and colleges matter. The challenge, says Texas Tech president Lawrence Schovanec, is for the public to understand rankings’ limitations and for universities to be accurately represented.

Justin Louder, the associate vice provost of eLearning.
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Texas Tech has been doing distance learning since the mid 1960s. Not like it’s done now of course. These days it happens online and at various sites outside of Lubbock. And there are courses that people over 50 can take so that learning continues.

Justin Louder, the associate vice provost of eLearning, says Texas Tech began distance learning programs more than 50 years ago. And the method was unusual.

Kaysie Ellingson

The female researcher saw white powder coming from the small, cardboard box and immediately took action reporting the incident to authorities.

That’s the first step whenever there’s a potential biohazard spill of an unknown substance or fluid. Fortunately, this recent incident was a full-blown practice exercise at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health.