sanctuary city for the unborn

Protesters gather outside of Citizen Tower before November public hearing regarding city-wide abortion ban.
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Starting September 1, Texas will ban abortions as soon as a fetal heart beat is detected, which in many cases is as early as six weeks. Senate Bill 8, also known as "the heartbeat bill," passed in the latest legislative session. It is the first of its kind in the fact that unlike other laws, this law gives the power of enforcement to the people by providing a pathway for anyone to sue an abortion provider or a person who helps a women obtain the procedure—a feature very similar to an ordinance passed in Lubbock. It’s putting the legal system in uncharted territory.

Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

UPDATE: Late Tuesday night, Judge James Wesley Hendrix dismissed Planned Parenthood's case agasint the City of Lubbock, citing lack of jurisdiction. Judge James Wesley Hendrix questioned during last week's court hearing whether the federal district court was the right venue for the lawsuit that he said was filed too soon, before the plaintiffs could definitively say the ordinance impacted them. The lawsuit can be re-filed.

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Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

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Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Surgical Health Services is suing the City of Lubbock for what it calls an unconstitutional ordinance that attempts to outlaw abortion.




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Texas lawmakers are poised to enact sweeping restrictions on access to abortions, prohibiting the procedure before many women know they are pregnant, and opening the door for a potential flood of lawsuits against abortion providers.

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After a citizen’s vote, Lubbock is now the largest so-called “sanctuary city for the unborn” in the country. The city is the first to pass an ordinance like this that actually has a health center that offers abortions. 


Proposition A passed with 62% of votes on Saturday. Over 21,000 people voted in favor of the ordinance and 12,860 voted against it. In total, 34,260 Lubbockites voted on the measure, according to the Lubbock County Elections Office