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Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

After a citizen’s vote, Lubbock is now the largest so-called “sanctuary city for the unborn” in the country. The city is the first to pass an ordinance like this that actually has a health center that offers abortions. 


Proposition A passed with 62% of votes on Saturday. Over 21,000 people voted in favor of the ordinance and 12,860 voted against it. In total, 34,260 Lubbockites voted on the measure, according to the Lubbock County Elections Office

Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

A few blocks away from the only Planned Parenthood for hundreds of miles, Samantha Fields walks around the neighborhood on a sunny afternoon. She knocks on the doors of the addresses listed in a packet. There’s no answer at most houses.

Then, someone answered. Fields asks the college-aged man if he had heard about the upcoming May 1 election. He had, but he wasn’t sure if or how he planned to vote on the only measure on the ballot. 

Planned Parenthood Returns to Lubbock

Mar 2, 2021
Planned Parenthood reopened in Lubbock this fall for the first time since state budget cuts and anti-abortion regulations forced it to shutter in 2013.
Lissa Anglin/Texas Observer

Editor's note: as of April 19, Lubbock's Planned Parenthood clinic now offers abortion services as early voting for the "sanctuary city for the unborn" ordinance begins. 


In an effort to defund Planned Parenthood, state leaders have dismantled Texas’ reproductive health care safety net over the last decade. This fall, the provider reopened a clinic in a mostly rural, Republican part of the state.

By Kaysie Ellingson and Sophie Novack

Shelley Woodbridge holds up a sticker she received in a gift bag for being one of the first patients at Lubbock's Planned Parenthood.
Kaysie Ellingson

In a last-minute move, a Texas judge blocked the state from kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid—giving temporary relief to thousands of low-income patients who rely on the healthcare provider. It’s one of many obstacles Planned Parenthood has faced since reopening the only clinic in Lubbock. While the new clinic has faced backlash from abortion rights opponents, others say they’re filling healthcare gaps in the region.

From KUT News

A Travis County district court temporarily blocked the state from kicking Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid program on Wednesday.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble wrote that "immediate and irreparable harm will result" to Planned Parenthood affiliates if they are stripped of Medicaid funding before they have time to make their case.