Noche de Tango

On this episode of Noche de Tango, host Charles Olivier presents a show dedicated to and honoring the life and work of tango choreographer, Juan Carlos Copes. Listen in to learn more about his contribution to tango!

En este episodio de Noche de Tango, el presentador Charles Olivier presenta un espectáculo dedicado y honrando la vida y obra del coreógrafo de tango, Juan Carlos Copes. ¡Escuche para conocer más sobre su contribución al tango!

Charles Olivier continues his 6-part series on the tango method books, Tango for Musicians, with Eva Wolff and The Bandoneon in Tango. Tune in to find out more!

Charles Olivier continúa su serie de 6 capítulos sobre los libros del método del tango, Tango para músicos, con Eva Wolff y The Bandoneon in Tango. ¡Sintonice para obtener más información!

Charles Olivier begins this new season of Noche de Tango with a 6-show series covering the tango method books, Tango for Musicians and the musicians behind each one. This series begins with Hernan Possetti and the Piano in Tango. Tune in to find out more!

Charles Olivier comienza esta nueva temporada de Noche de Tango con una serie de 6 programas que cubren los libros del método del tango, Tango para músicos y los músicos detrás de cada uno. Esta serie comienza con Hernan Possetti y el piano en el tango. ¡Sintonice para obtener más información!

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A Week of Famous Collaborations and Adrianas

Jul 28, 2017

Tanda #1: El Torito, Guitarerra, La Yumba, and El Otario

Singer Florial Ruiz began his career with Alfredo De Angelis in 1943, which was one of the first professional orchestras with whom he performed. He recorded only a small list of only eight tracks with De Angelis but these tracks became some of the most famous in his career. Listen to the collaboration between these two Tango greats in the week's first Tanda. 

Tanda #2: Aunque seas mujer, Chuzas, El Engobbiao, and As de Carton