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Broadband internet access isn't just a rural Texas issue, a statewide issue.
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It's estimated that nine million Texans don't have access to adequate internet, and it's not just a rural Texas problem. On this episode of Listen in, Lubbock, Texas Tribune reporter, Juan Pablo Garnham and Alex Driggers from the Floyd County Record, talk about what this looks like on the ground throughout the state and discuss what state leaders are doing to address the issue this legislative session.


Juan Pablo Garnham, Urban Affairs Reporter, Texas Tribune

Alex Driggers, Floyd County Record

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Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

Mia Dzaferbegovic doesn’t like needles. Still, the sophomore business management major at Texas Tech University signed up for the first on-campus COVID-19 vaccine clinic earlier this month.

A nurse told her it’s just a prick. 

“OK, OK. I just won’t look at it,” Dzaferbegovic said before she nervously laughed. 




For Hard-To-Reach Texans, Virtual Doctors Visits Here To Stay

Apr 9, 2021
Sarah Self-Walbrick/Texas Tech Public Media

An hour before the first patients arrive, Julie Chugh buzzes around The Free Clinic inside Lubbock Impact, making sure everything is ready. That includes the Zoom exam rooms. 



“We’re operating totally telemedicine,” Chugh, a first-year student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, explained. “So Wednesdays, we come in in the afternoon, follow-up with anyone who’s reached out to us in the past week. We get them in for an appointment.”

Weston Davis/Texas Tech Public Media

This week on Listen in Lubbock, we’re looking at city leadership and the barriers that exist to attract diverse candidates. It’s been an issue throughout the city’s history. and while it’s gotten better over the years, today those seats are mostly feasible for the retired or independently wealthy. We’ll talk about why that is and what’s currently underway to try and fix that.


Chuck Lanehart, historian, attorney and frequent contributer at the Lubbock Avalanche Journal's Caprock Chronicles.

Dominic Anthony Walsh / Texas Public Radio

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With two months left in the legislative session, Texas state policymakers are split on two key issues related to the deadly power outages in February: electricity repricing and natural gas reforms.